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At Cen-Tax Tax Service, we work hard all year long to get you the great professional tax preparation and tax filing help you need during tax time. We don't stop after April 15th - we just work harder to improve our professional tax preparation and tax filing services.

Check out some of our great tax time services:

  • Federal and State tax preparation
  • Tax preparation help
  • Electronic filing

Learn more about our professional tax preparation services at your local Cen-Tax Tax Service. 




 What do I need to bring to have my taxes prepared? 

To help save you time and money, we have compiled the following list for you to review before visiting one of our tax preparation offices.  If you have any of the items listed below bring them with you. If you do not know whether or not you have the items listed below or need explanations regarding anything on this page please feel free to call us at (877)236-8291 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Social Security Card(s)
  • Driver's License(s)
  • Dependents' Social Security Numbers & Dates of Birth
  • Wage Statements - Form W-2
  • Health Insurance Verification - Form 1095-A
  • Pension or Retirement Income - Form 1099-R
  • Interest and Dividend Income - Form 1099-INT/Form 1099-DIV
  • State Income Tax Refund Amount - Form 1099-G
  • Social Security Income - Form SSA-1099
  • Unemployment Income - Form 1099-G
  • Information on sales of Stocks or Bonds - Form 1099-B
  • Self-Employed Business/Farm Income & Expenses - Form 1099-MISC
  • Lottery or Gambling Winnings - Form W-2G
  • Lottery or Gambling Losses
  • Income and Expenses From Rentals
  • Income from Partnerships, S Corporations, Trusts, and Estates - Schedule K-1
  • IRA Contributions
  • Child Care Expenses & Provider Information
  • Medical, Eye Care, and Dental Expenses
  • Cash and Noncash Charitable Donations
  • Record of Purchase or Sale of Residence
  • Mortgage or Home Equity Loan Interest Paid - Form 1098
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes Paid
  • State or Local Sales Taxes Paid
  • Unreimbursed Employment-Related Expenses
  • Job-Related Educational Expenses
  • Educator Expenses
  • Tuition and Education Fees - Form 1098-T
  • Student Loan Interest - Form 1098-E
  • Casualty or Theft Losses
  • Estimated Taxes
  • Foreign Taxes Paid


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