Tax Services
We serve all types of taxpayers. Individuals, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC's), Trusts, & Gift Taxes. Taxpayers can schedule an appointment and have taxes completed by the time you leave our office, or taxpayers can drop off  tax information at their convenience without an appointment. 

All of our returns are electronically filed unless special circumstances prohibit it. Having a refund directly deposited is an option as well as electronic funds transferred for any payment.

Our tax services are available all year long for tax preparations, planning, and correspondence.

Sometimes people forget that they will be receiving another W2 or 1099 or any other form necessary to file with their tax return, so here at Cen-Tax we can file your amended return for you whether you are already a present customer or had your taxes prepared by another tax firm.  We are here to help!!!

IRS Representation
Our commitment to our clients does not end after tax preparation. We encourage all of our clients to bring in any correspondence they receive from the IRS rather than deal with it themselves. We will do whatever possible to help you straighten out any and all tax issues.  We stand behind our clients should they ever be audited.

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